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Mike Flannery is a cataract of creative energy, a polymath artist who is at once prodigious creator and nurturer of others' best creative selves. As a sound designer, he brings a wide palette of experience—not least of which is his extensive, multi-instrumental musicianship—to the art of making an image come alive aurally. His manifold tools—modular synths, Theremins!, an exhaustive catalogue of plug-ins, and racks of hardware—coupled with his trenchant understanding of sound as a stanchion of the visual bring every project he undertakes to a new level. Beyond his creative and technical capabilities, Mike is a pleasure to work with. His collaborative abilities are the rare balance of Zen-like flexibility, fearless adventurousness, and assiduous dedication to creating something larger than himself. Rarely in a collaborative atmosphere have I felt more relaxed, inspired, and happy, and much of this is due to the environment Mike creates as you work with him: chess games, Eno/Schmidt Oblique Strategy cards, good meals and stories—all invoke a sense of fun and freedom, and encourage the best within us as artists. I recommend Mike heartily, without hesitation. Work with him now before you can't afford him anymore! 

—Gabriel Judet-Weinshel, director/composer Omphalos

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Mike was a breath of fresh air — someone who cared more for the artist and the music than he did the business. He took us under his wing, talked us through our options, and together we began a three year collaboration that spanned two full-length albums, over a dozen live shows and an appearance on the Chris Gethard show.

Mike is an incredible collaborator. He cares so deeply that the work be the absolute best it can possibly be, and is willing to stay up late, pound coffee, and put his mind and body through a punishing marathon in order to get the job done. 

_Chris Littler Chamber Band / 36 Questions Podcast

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I've been roping Mike into helping me with recordings for weird artsy projects for around a decade, and if there's anything I can say about the guy aside from how patient, efficient, and gung-ho he is, it's that he's weirdly able to translate, "what I want is this", and do so correctly.  He actually listens, which is his job, and he's really pretty surprisingly good at it.

_Andrea Merkx_Video Artist


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