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Welcome to Jumping Giant, where we're all about considerate audio. What do we mean by that? When we dig into a project, we're not just thinking about the technical aspects of the job, we're thinking about the intended end user of the content that we're producing. Is this for 5 year olds or 50 year olds? Is this for people looking to invest in their 401K or for people trying to go out and have a relaxing day? 

With almost two decades of experience creating awesome audio for almost every imaginable industry, Jumping Giant knows which questions to ask, and how to meet the goals of our most particular clients. It's no accident that a huge portion of our portfolio consists of children's media, because companies like Education.com, Highlights for Kids, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt know that when they work with Jumping Giant, they're getting exactly the kind of creative and technical quality that they need to meet the rigorous standards necessary for quality educational and early childhood media.

Movies, short films, full length records, commercials, apps, games, audiobooks, and mnemonics are just some of the types of projects we tackle. Have a project that you need audio work done for? Give us a shout! You'll be excited by our great customer service and turnaround time, but mostly we know that you'll be impressed with the quality of work we have consistently turned out for over a decade.

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Michael Flannery