Jumping Giant


Welcome to Jumping Giant! We're super excited that the film, 7 Splinters In Time is now available to stream online! Check out the trailer and if it looks good to you go give it a watch. Jumping Giant worked closely with Director Gabriel Judet-Weinschel to create this immersive sci-fi soundscape and re-record mix. Enjoy!

What people are saying:

Mike Flannery sound designed ‘No Alternative,’ and for a movie that is all about sound, I could not have asked for a better designer. If you want good sound, don’t go to Mike—he will only give you GREAT sound, and he’ll give it to you every time.
— William Dickerson, Director
Mike Flannery is a cataract of creative energy, a polymath artist who is at once prodigious creator and nurturer of others’ best creative selves. As a sound designer, he brings a wide palette of experience—not least of which is his extensive, multi-instrumental musicianship—to the art of making an image come alive aurally. His trenchant understanding of sound as a stanchion of the visual bring every project he undertakes to a new level. Mike is a pleasure to work with. Work with him now before you can’t afford him anymore!
— Gabriel Judet-Weinshel, director/composer
Barefoot Books has trusted Mike Flannery to create the music for a number of our best-selling singalong picture books. Mike consistently delivers music that is fun, high-energy and catchy, and also created with the high quality and attention to detail we expect in our products. He has a great ear for creating engaging, genuine children’s media that kids want to hear again and again and again.
— Kate Depalma, Editor at Barefoot Books
I’ve known Mike coming on 20 years—not only is he a virtuoso with almost any instrument—he is great to work either with or for! He is invaluable as a team member on my films AND as a musician in my musical endeavors! Work with him once, work with him for life!
— Paul Sanchez Yates, Director
My musical career is what it is because of Mike Flannery, and he’s the first on my list when I meet someone who has a handful of songs but no idea what to do with them. I know that in his very capable hands, they’ll not only get tracked professionally, but come out a thousand times better than anyone thought they could be.
— Chris Littler, 36 Questions Podcast
I’ve been roping Mike into helping me with recordings for weird artsy projects for around a decade, and if there’s anything I can say about him aside from how patient, efficient, and gung-ho he can be, it’s that he’s weirdly able to translate, “what I want is this”, and do so correctly. He actually listens, which is his job, and he’s really pretty surprisingly good at it.
— Andrea Merkx, Video Artist