Our in-house Foley stage allows us to create rich, textured soundscapes to match your production sound and bring your film to life.


We create seamless transitions between cuts—never breaking the illusion that what you're watching is really happening. 


Our team of composers can match any style you reference and capture the feel and excitement you need to support your film. Anything from a Casiotone beat to a full, live orchestra.

5.1 MIX

Surround sound mixing that translates anywhere. Whether you're getting ready to submit your film to festivals or about to ship to digital streaming platforms, your film will sound right.


"Mike Flannery sound-designed 'No Alternative,' and for a movie that is all about sound, I could not have asked for a better designer. If you want good sound, don't go to Mike--he will only give you GREAT sound, and he'll give it to you every time."

–William Dickerson


We offer a watch-through consultation of the first ten minutes of your film in order to start the conversation on how to make it sound its best. Feel free to reach out today with no commitment.

phone: 917 603 3825